Manta Efoil

The Manta Efoil is now available for purchase.

MSRP $7900 USD

The Manta Efoil is made of a lightweight high strength carbon fiber

The top speed is 25 mph. The typical cruising speed is about 15 mph. 

60-90 minutes. Ride time and distance can be slightly affected by a variety of factors, such as ride speed, rider weight, water conditions, etc.

Most riders will get the hang of things in the first session or two. The Manta Efoil is designed to be an intermediate board- new riders can pick it up with ease and experienced riders can take advantage of the sporty features.

We recommend wearing a helmet and a personal floatation device (PFD).

The Manta controller is fully waterproof (IP67). The wireless controller uses a magnetic hall sensor throttle for accurate speed control. Its screen shows throttle percentage, the board’s battery level, the controller’s battery level, and the signal strength.

The Manta Efoil is a versatile fit for many environments. In general, it is recommended that riders only use the Efoil in conditions that they are comfortable in. Flitefoil recommends riding in smooth waters by avoiding large waves, ocean swells, and other rough conditions. 

Battery & Charging

Both the fast charger and standard charger plug into a typical 120V household wall outlet. Charger details available HERE

Due to the size of the Efoil battery, you will not be allowed to fly with it on commercial, passenger airplanes.

The remaining battery charge is shown on the hand controller. The charge level is also displayed on the battery.

Purchasing & Shipping

The standard charger can recharge the battery pack in 3 hours. The fast charger takes 1.5 hours to recharge the battery. Details available HERE

We ship from the U.S. via FedEx. Currently, we are only shipping to domestic customers. In the coming weeks, we will expand our international shipping options. 

Due to high demand, there is currently a 5-6 week backorder new orders. The Manta Efoils are shipped in the order they are received. We are working hard to fulfill orders ASAP, thank you for your patience. Reserve yours today!

Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Wire Transfer, Apple Pay and Crypto Currency. 

Soon! We are working with several partners to offer a variety of financing options.

Yes, the Manta Efoil is designed to be modular and components swappable. You can purchase a second battery, charger, controller, foil wing(s), and board. 

Returns, Repair & Warranty

Your purchase is final once we have shipped it to you. We do not accept returns of any product unless it is faulty.

We do have replacement parts available. Please contact us for pricing. The Manta wings are made from carbon fiber composites and can be fixed locally by a surfboard repair professional. 

At FliteFoil we stand behind our boards 100%. That is why we’re offering a 12-month warranty on defects caused by workmanship or materials. The 12-month warranty covers the board, the mast, the wings, and the battery.