Manta Efoil - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil Battery - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil Controller - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil Charger - Flitefoil
Manta Efoil - Flitefoil

Manta Efoil

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The Manta Efoil is for riders of all types. The large deck area provides great buoyancy and stability. Its wing is designed for high efficiency and maneuverability.


  • Manta Efoil
  • Controller w/ wireless charger
  • Travel Bag
  • Battery w/ Fast Charger

Ride Time

60-90 min

Max Speed

25 mph

Cruise Speed

15 mph


High-Density Lithium-Ion


5’6” x 2’2”

Mast Height



25” Wingspan

Simplicity Is Superior

The Manta Efoil is designed with seamlessness in mind. Simply plug-n-play. No data cables, water lines or complicated gearboxes. Assembly is easy- in just a few minutes, all parts can be disabled for compact transportation.
EFoil Power

The Manta motor is ready to deliver power and reliability. Since its direct drive and passivly water cooled, you don't need to worry about gearbox failures or clogged water cooling pumps. 

-Built from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum

-Maximum power and minimal noise 

-Maintenance free

Carbon is Key

The board, mast and wings are all made from advanced carbon fiber. Keeping the Manta light and durable.

Go anywhere

Cruise above the water for miles on a whisper, quiet ride. Go where gas-powered, wake-making boats can't. 


Top Speed 25 mph / 40 kph

Cruise Speed 15 mph / 24 kph

Ride Time

60-90 minutes. Ride time and distance can be slightly affected by a variety of factors, such as ride speed, rider weight, water conditions 

Recharge Time

3 hours (1.5 hours with Fast Charger)

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